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STRANGE FRUIT by Brynneth N Colvin

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STRANGE FRUIT by Brynneth N Colvin
Genre: Torrid Romance Fantasy
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Rating: Erotica - Controversial

For the first time, there are people in the Forest of Estraguil. People who cut trees and start fires. The Forest Powers are disturbed, and respond by fruiting new creatures modeled on these unwelcome arrivals. Iylla is sent to observe the incomers, but falls in love with their leader Silla, and her partner Vin. She also captivates Leon, an air spirit. However, she has been made for war, not passion, and violence is about to explode through the wooded hills and rocky ravines. Estraguil will change forever amidst the passion and bloodshed.


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  • Written by: Colvin, Bryn

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