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AVA'S OBSESSION by Michelle Marquis

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AVA'S OBSESSION by Michelle Marquis
Genre: Torrid Romance Fantasy
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Rating: Erotica - Controversial

Ava Snow is a quiet, obedient woman who leads a simple life working in her fatherís dress shop. Her biggest dream is to save enough money to move out on her own. But there is one thing poor Ava has overlooked in all her careful planning, and that is her lustful, hungry heart. For Ava is about to discover a passionate, wanton side to her nature that she never knew she had.
Ming Han is a skilled Asian warlord and leader of the mercenary army the villagers call The Orientals. Ming is famous for two main talents, his expertise as a swordsman and his ferocious appetite in the bedroom. But Ming is about to find a woman whose passion is as unquenchable as his own. And keeping this young widow satisfied is going to take all his carnal talents. Happily, heís in for one hell of a time.


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  • Written by: Marquis, Michelle

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