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A KEY TO ALL THAT GLITTERS by Kathleen Rowland

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A KEY TO ALL THAT GLITTERS by Kathleen Rowland
Genre: Romance/Suspense
SubGenre: Western/Contemporary
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-226-8
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-225-1


Balancing her thriving yoga spa and raising twins, Widow Heatherlee Baronova is slammed by her late husband’s past when an ex-con demands a key to a safe deposit box. Naïve, Heatherlee knows nothing about it. When her spa Clearwater is robbed, the police investigation is headed by Sheriff Marc Duarte, a sheep rancher from the silkiest gentry of town. The last thing she wants is for Marc to prove that dirty money built Clearwater.

Marc knows her problems with a Russian theft ring will escalate beyond bad press and the bottom line. After the twins are kidnapped, she starts listening. Shrewd, rugged, and rich, Marc is clueless that this coppery-haired bundle of determination and desire married her husband because he looked like him. He does see a practical advantage, but if he goes undercover as “out of hiding” Yuri Baronov, will it be a death sentence?


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  • Written by: Rowland, Kathleen

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