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THE COWBOY WAY by Tory Richards

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THE COWBOY WAY by Tory Richards
Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary
SubGenre: Torrid Romance Suspense
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-530-6
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-531-3

Rating: Sensual Romance - Sensual

Chosen One of Joyfully Reviewed’s Best of 2012 in Romance

Artist Lacey Owens comes home to her father’s ranch for a long overdue visit, and for a little rest and relaxation. She’s not prepared for becoming the means for revenge against him by an escaped convict he helped send to prison. Getting involved with her father’s sexy ranch foreman and partner Chase Saunders isn’t in her plans either. But as unexplained events occur and Lacey’s life becomes threatened, Chase makes it his mission to protect her. Her independent nature rebels against his arrogant, high-handed methods and tempers ignite. But it soon becomes apparent that their animosity is only a ruse for the gripping sexual longing stirring in their blood.


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  • Written by: Richards, Tory

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