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THE LOVE MACHINE by Michelle Marquis

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THE LOVE MACHINE by Michelle Marquis
Genre: Torrid Science Fiction
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-703-9

Rating: Erotica - Controversial

Torrid Sizzler Of The Month Award

Natasha Morrison was one of the smartest and most profitable smugglers in the galaxy. Everything in her life, so far, had come easy. That was until she got caught transporting a convicted criminal off Earth. Now she’s a prisoner herself, at the mercy of one of the most sexy and lethal androids in the galaxy.

Maximillian was a killer android on a mission to find and execute Miles Foster and anyone known to have helped him escape. Unfortunately, the smuggler accused of helping his target is a woman whose bold sensuality awakens feelings in Max he’s never experienced before. If he can’t stay focused on his mission, he’s bound to lose his quarry and his heart.


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  • Written by: Marquis, Michelle

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