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IMPACT VECTOR by Daniel Wilder

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IMPACT VECTOR by Daniel Wilder
Genre: Science Fiction
SubGenre: Thriller
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-534-9
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-533-2

Dream Realm Award Winner Science Fiction Book Of The Year

Locked in isolation by the secrets he must keep, Migel Sanchez, a creative genius of extraordinary nature and conviction, must draw upon all of his seasoned courage and creative talents to thwart the efforts of a power-crazed group who would create their own society by seeing to the end of humanity’s established civilization.

A predestined threat from space, cold and coursing toward the oasis of Earth, presses on Migel from one side as the power-crazed group assails him from another. Armed with new technologies that he cannot share with an unsuspecting world, Migel must try to save the innocent before they are crushed from both sides. Upon Migel and a few trustworthy friends will the billions of Earthlings bestow their praises of salvation, or else cry out from their graves the blame of their demise.


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  • Written by: Wilder, Daniel

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