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ACES by Jaye Roycraft

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ACES by Jaye Roycraft
Genre: Romance Suspense
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-156-3

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-157-0

Welcome to Aces, Arizona, where the big excitement on Saturday night is the sand drags, and folks look forward to the annual sidewalk egg fry contest. That's fine with Devon Dawes. Peace and quiet are just what she's looking for after the death of her brother in a big-city police chase. Small town life is also just right with Rick Tredino, whose career as an undercover Phoenix cop nearly cost him his life when the woman he loved betrayed him.

But Aces has also attracted a stalker bent on revenge.

The stalker, dubbed "Mr. Ace" for his habit of sending an ace playing card with each threat, brings Devon and Rick, now a part-time P.I., together, but Rick's progress on the case goes nowhere. Are the threats a result of Devon's strong public stand against police pursuits? Or are they connected to the youth center Devon runs - retribution from troubled teens Devon was forced to turn over to the police? Rick's efforts to protect Devon are hampered as much by her dislike of cops as by Mr. Ace himself.

When their tumultuous professional relationship turns personal, the past catches up with Devon and Rick. In spite of her attraction to him, Devon doesn't want Rick invading the walls she built up to deal with her grief. And the last time Rick got close to a woman, he almost died. The strain of the past breaks them apart just as Mr. Ace gets ready to deal his final card, only this time it isn't just vengeance on his's murder.


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  • Written by: Roycraft, Jaye

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