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THE RED DRAGON by Clifford Gissell

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THE RED DRAGON by Clifford Gissell
Genre: Thriller
SubGenre: Adventure
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-145-2
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-60313-144-5

Russian Captain Yuri Zhukov brings more than a famous name when he’s assigned as an advisor to a North Vietnamese Army Regiment. A student of medieval military history, he greatly admires the most fearsome commanders of the time—those who fought the Muslim invasion of the Balkan States.
United States Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Alexandru Mihnea is assigned to Camp Hoa Binh. Returning once again to fight the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers, he expects another difficult tour in the hottest battle of the Cold War: Vietnam.
As the two sides contest for control of the border area, something is becoming disturbingly clear. The enemy is employing fear tactics not seen since the middle ages. Tactics quite familiar to the Special Forces Team Sergeant; tactics last used by his most famous ancestor, Vlad Tepes—better known as Vlad Dracula.


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  • Written by: Gissell, Clifford

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