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OSAGE DAWN by Darrel Sparkman

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OSAGE DAWN by Darrel Sparkman
Genre: Western
SubGenre: Adventure
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-744-2
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-743-5

On the northern Arkansas border of 1804, an Osage warrior and a young trapper pit wits and strength in a deadly battle only one can win. When the dust settles, who will hold the prizeÖ
When Matt Crane left home to travel the far western lands, he didnít intend to be gone long. Four years later he returned home to find his family dead, his home destroyed and his sweetheart taken captive by a vicious renegade Osage warrior.
Shunned by his own people, Quick Killer is out for revenge against the man who he believes shamed him. Kidnapping Mattís girl is only the beginning. What he doesnít realize, is that what Matt Crane doesnít know about fighting hasnít been invented.
A fast paced frontier adventure, Osage Dawn blends friendship, love and raw adventure on the wild frontier where hearts were broken and history was made by men fighting for survival.


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  • Written by: Sparkman, Darrel

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