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MUDDY WATER by Johnny Dragona

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MUDDY WATER by Johnny Dragona
Genre: Romance Contemporary
SubGenre: Adventure
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-420-5


During the first day on a new job, Tony, who is slowly losing his eyesight, meets his employer's daughter, Janet, an engineer, and her possessive fiance, Fredrick, the company's accountant.
Both men instantly mistrust each other for different reasons. Six months earlier, Tony's unfaithful wife was found strangled in their home; and an aging, yet tenacious, detective lieutenant is out to prove Tony committed the crime, while his subordinate suspects the dead woman's former lover. When Janet's father, Big Jack Gallagher, discovers some building supplies missing, she suggests Tony be asked to help them. Before they can, however, a dam bursts; a raging river overflows; Janet and Tony narrowly escape with their lives. Spending the night in a mountain cabin, Janet comes within a breath of giving him her virginity.

Although Tony is still their primary murder suspect, the police investigate his late wife's former lover. They follow him to the home of a new mistress, and a young, handsome detective is
assigned to win her confidence. She falls in love with him, not knowing he is a police officer.

This contemporary novel is intense and fast moving while containing some hard language and descriptions of sex.


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  • Written by: Dragona, Johnny

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