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Reviews For CHASE FOR AN ANGEL by Christy Poff

From Lighthouse Literary Reviews for Chase for an Angel - 5 lighthouses.

"Chase for An Angel is remarkably penned. War time brings on the best and the worse of people, often the shoddier as mankind inflicts such on young children and often women. This story is no exception. With a well thought out storyline that is so genuine and true to the war time past, it has the reader wishing to reach in the pages and pull the characters through the years of time. Jessie and Andrew are like any young couple who fall in love and set out to have a future together to only find themselves thrown into a chaotic disorder with so much pain and heartache that their true love is the only one thing that gives them vigor to carry on with each day. Christy Poff blends romance, love, hatred, betrayal, sorrows and many displeasures of excruciating war that touches the reader. She creates a part of history that leaps through the pages. The emotions of Andrew and Jessie reflect deeply as if you can feel all the way down to their soul. The dialogue is splendid and the story itself flows smoothly even with grave consequences that befall the characters. Ms. Poff takes a past and instills a descriptive flare that draws the reader into the action and lives of many that were so traumatized yet still fought to make a land a home for everyone seeking freedom and the assurance of love. A burning rage and not just among homes and land but within the hearts of two young people trying to make a difference. This is one extraordinary keeper."

Reviewed by: Linda

"Chase For An Angel is…is, well I’m speechless. This story set during the Civil War is not overrun with history, but with the emotions and lives of Jessica and Andrew. There was a bit of a slow start but once the story got going I couldn’t put it down, I stayed up until 5am to finish reading Chase For An Angel. I was completely drawn in. There is so much pain, hurt, and love through this story that when I put it down I felt drained. Andrew is every woman’s dream man. Not only is he a handsome devil, he gives 110% to loving Jessica. What woman wouldn’t love that?? My heart broke for him whenever he tried to get home to Jessica and found blocks in his path. Jessica is fantastic! A stronger woman could not be found. When Andrew nicknamed her his Angel, he chose correctly. The trials and tribulations that Jessica goes through in this story would make a lesser woman find a way to end it all. But instead Jessica clung to the love and the bond that she shares with Andrew. The cruelties and abuse that Jessica’s kidnappers heaped upon her made me go through a gamut of emotions, most of all, extreme anger. I had to remind myself at times that is just a story. But at the same time knowing, that at some point there was no doubt a woman or two that suffered the same injustices during the war. This couple’s love is timeless, knows no boundaries and is the glue that holds them together and keeps them going strong; helped them to survive situations where they should have been dead.

Grab a box of tissue and a curl up with a copy of Chase For An Angel. This is not to be missed!!"

Reviewed by Dee Valentine from JoyfullyReviewed

"I congratulate Ms. Poff on a historically accurate work of fiction...

Overall, this is an incredible love story that shows how two people can truly connect with each other in love. Andrew is a recluse by nature and swore he’d never open himself up to another person again. Yet, here he is, chasing after his wife and trying to save her before she is killed. If you enjoy historical novels—especially the Civil War era—you won’t be disappointed. I truly enjoyed the story and watching Andrew come to realize the depths of his feelings for Jessie. Jessie turned into a picture of true grit and determination. From Southern Belle to potential candidate for the Survivor TV show. Enjoy watching them as they yearn and search for their love to be reunited."

Robyn Once Upon A Romance Reviews Rating 4.0

Sample Chapter For CHASE FOR AN ANGEL by Christy Poff

The storm raged on, drenching him as he rode toward the city. Rain was soaking through his drover’s coat to his skin, but it made no difference. He ignored it. It didn’t matter anymore; he was concentrating on only one thought. As lightning showed him the way, he rode while his stomach tightened. Too damn much had changed due to the War Between the States, and it tore everything apart in its wake.

He looked around him sadly as his horse cautiously picked his way on the muddy road. Gone was the beauty he remembered, even though he had only been away a short while. But that, too, felt like an eternity. A great deal had happened in the last several years.

Memories flooded back to him, the same ones that, just a few months before, he believed had saved his life. Having the memories with his hopes and dreams for their future kept him going, especially during times of frustration and despair. Feelings of failure plagued him endlessly.

Colder rain now fell harder. He pulled the collar of his uniform overcoat higher and lowered the brim of his hat over his face. His horse went on, oblivious to the weather, which seemed to worsen as time went on. He had heard about the storms that hit this part of the country and was convinced it was nature’s punishment, though not sure if it was meant for the local area, or for him.

The sky darkened with faint streaks of lightning appearing in the distance. He enjoyed the brief respite before the next storm would hit. Hopefully, the storm would pass by but, if it did hit, would it make itself known and at least be brief? He had plans. The storm would not stop him if he had anything to do with it. He knew nature to be unpredictable and held to no schedule except her own.

He ventured further, all the while his heart aching until it was almost unbearable. The knot in his stomach tightened even more. Fear and dread began edging out his dreams. He knew of the destruction from reports he had received along the way, but nothing could prepare him, or anyone, for that matter, for the devastation that now lay before his eyes as he approached New Orleans. What was left of the city? Was any of it worth it?

Lightning flashed, lighting the sky. His horse shuddered a little, but continued. When he reached the street he was searching for, he knew then his life would never be the same again. All the plans he’d put on hold were now shot to hell. He would begin a new chapter in his life, but it would be as if someone else had written the script for him. His dreams, at least for now, were gone. He was terrified to even consider the changes that lay in his future.

He could see that he wouldn’t be settling down, at least not for a long while. The feeling of doom he had grew by the second. The one thing he depended on—in fact, the only thing—that had kept him alive for the last two years, would be what would help him find the woman he loved. No matter what else was set in front of him, he would find her and then, hopefully, they would be able to go on and share the life they had planned before it was so rudely interrupted by the war.

He finally located the address he sought, the mansion as dark as the stormy night. A flash of lightning lit the area as the storm once again moved in closer. He caught a quick glimpse of the front of the house where the gates stood open, unlocked. He dismounted and led his horse through the gates into the front courtyard of the once stately home, now dark and brooding. What had happened here? There was only one way to find out. He started up the stairs to the front porch.

He stopped as he reached the front door. Foreboding overpowered him forcing him to sit down in a rocker located off to the side of the porch. The feelings of dread and failure he had battled became more painful as even more memories overwhelmed him. He sat reminiscing. Why has this happened to me? to her? to us?